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Camp Programs at SANCA

Camp Programs at SANCA

Circus camps
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Your kids don’t have to run away to join circus!

• Acrobatics    Trampoline    • Rolling Globe    • Juggling             • Flying Trapeze    • Tightwire     • Aerial Arts      & more!

SANCA Circus day camps allow students to develop physical skills, increase confidence, build self-esteem and get physically fit all while having a lot of fun.

No previous experience necessary to enroll in circus camps. SANCA offers an extensive day camp program for children age 6 and up. Our student to instructor ratio is 8:1 for maximum safety and fun.

Does your circus student love aerial?
Why not check out SANCA's Aerial Camps?

$50 registration fee required for new students.
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 Camp '14 acro

 Camp '14 tumbl trak

As seen in Red Tricycle

All summer camps include flying trapeze

•Half Day for ages 6-9   
    AM 9:00-12:00 or PM 12:30-3:30 
•Half Day Aerial for ages 7 & up       
•Half Day Advanced Aerial* (ages 7 & up)
•Full Day for ages 6-9  9:00-3:00      
•Full Day for ages 10-17 9:00 - 3:00 
•Full Day for Tweens (ages 10-14) 9:00 - 3:00 
(this smaller age group meets when the teen camp is available) 
•Full Day for Teens (ages 15-17) 9:00 - 3:00


Descriptions & prerequisites for Performance and Aerial camps are below (click here)

School's Out camps:

SANCA is offering Circus Arts camps when Seattle Public Schools are not in session. Look for more camp offerings next fall during holiday school breaks and future school not-in-session dates. Please note that one-day camps do not include flying trapeze. 

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Red Tricycle: Unconventional Seattle Summer Camps

     All Summer Camps Include 
Flying Trapeze!

I love it!

Specialized camps



• Performance Camp:

This 2-week camp is for campers who want to be a part of a circus production! The first week of camp will focus on circus skills. Students will be chosen for roles in the production and will spend the second week learning and rehearsing their parts. The camp will culminate with a staged show with lights, make-up and music. For ages 8-16. Prerequisite: one session of SANCA classes or one week of circus camp.

• Aerial Camp:  

In addition to the extensive instruction on the aerial apparatus students will attend a two-hour Flying Trapeze class.  Students are taught safety first, before moving on to basic trapeze tricks. They’ll practice form, position and timing while experienced the thrill of flying on the trapeze! Prerequisites: General circus camp within same session OR an Aerial 1 or general circus class within last 12 months.

   Advanced camp aerial

• Advanced Aerial Camp: Students will continue to develop the skills necessary to create acts on aerial apparatus with partners and alone.

Prerequisites: Current enrollment in Aerial 2, 3 or 4 required.

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