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SANCA's Performers

Student Performance Groups & Professional Performance Collective 

Amazing Circus 1-ders
Ages 5-8
Magnificent 7
Ages 8-12
Cirrus Circus
Ages 12-18

If your circus student enjoys the spotlight, talk to his or her coach about these exciting performance opportunities.

 The SANCA Professional Performance Collective are SANCA staff who are professional performers.

SANCA Professional Performance Collective

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Alumni and Emeritus: SANCA also has former students and staff who are enjoying exciting and successful careers as circus performance artists. Read more about our illustrious Alumni and Emeritus members.


Some of SANCA's past performances have been documented by local photographer John Cornicello. You may view and/or purchase these photographs here


The Amazing Circus 1-ders

The Circus 1-ders sprang from a Circus I class, general circus for ages 5-6, taught by Terri Sullivan. Chosen for their innate talent, the Amazing Circus 1-ders  really live up to their name. 

The troupe was formed in March of 2008.  All of the performers, age  5-8, are students at SANCA and have trained many hours to hone their skills and learn how  to be young performers.  They perform in all circus disciplines, including tumbling, acrobatics and tight wire as well as the aerial arts such as trapeze, vertical rope and silks.  Favorite performances include The Moisture Festival, all SANCA shows, The Kirkland Summer Concert Series and The Wallingford Kiddie’s Parade. 

Future goals include more shows, learning new feats of daring that make their parents nervous, and new sparkly costumes.  As the Circus 1-ders are getting older they are moving to a new performance class called The Magnificent 7 as new 1-ders claim their place in 1-derland.

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The Magnificent 7

Formed in 2010, the Magnificent 7 were originally seven enthusiastic students between the ages of 8-12-ish. New members have joined the company and often they perform as the "Magnificent 7: give or take 1 or 2.” 

This extremely talented and high energy troupe works together to create acts in a variety of circus arts: tightwire, rolling globe, trapeze, aerial fabric, juggling, rope jumping, mini-tramp and contortion. As with any ensemble, each member brings his or her own artistry, but as a whole they are seriously committed to comedy. 

Perhaps you’ve seen the Magnificent 7 performing in Seattle’s Moisture Festival, SANCA’s Annual Spring Showcase (SASS), SANCAthon, SANCA—Up, with a Twist!, Artopia,or the Kirkland Summer Concert series.

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Cirrus Circus

Founded in 2006, Cirrus Circus (formerly the Youth Performance Company) allows older students from the School of Acrobatics & New Circus Arts (SANCA) to showcase their performance skills. Company members are currently enrolled at the school, and range in age from 12 - 18. Performers in the audition-only group utilize a variety of disciplines, including trapeze, juggling, tightwire, unicycle and acrobatics. Click here to learn more about the group.

 Are you interested in having the Cirrus Circus perform at your function? Here is the booking information.

Every year Cirrus Circus creates its own original show. Find out more about the past shows here.